a to the k, homeboy …

angry_koala is an artist duo.
bringing the supa_funky_fresh style to the world since 1982.
our tree can be found in hamburg city, germaica.

angry_koala iz hot like juicy jalapeños.
kicking that sick shit & bringing da bam.
remixing supa_dopeness with street_stylez and graphic_design.
hyper_haze_power and mad_mindset_technology.
thiz is PMAA - positive mental attitude art!

angry_koala wants 2 make you smile and think.
pumping out canvas, art_toyz, shirtz, posterz, stickerz, murals,
graffiti and illustration on everything you can imagine.
you name it. we make it. feel free 2 contact us.
and follow us here:

angry_koala iz making the world a bit more cute and colourful.
love, peace and harmony - keep it real!

*koalarizzle 4 life*

angry koala logo

angry_koala's vita loca

angry_koala = 2 become 1

deutsche version

the artistic duo "angry_koala" consists of
O and J (+girlfriend) .
both of us were born in 1982 - one in Singapore, the other
one in Hamburg. 2006, during our studies at art school,
we decided to eliminate our former artists’ egos.
from then on we have been working together as "angry_koala".
our goal is to create a common style and
to fight the grey dullness of everyday life:
by creating super-colourful worlds with a pinch of good humor.

angry_koala's art is marked by trust and intuition. there are times
when each artist doesn't know what the other one is going to do to the
picture next, which results in unplanned effects and mutual inspiration.

our creative work includes over 100 canvases, paste-upz,
art-toys, sculptures, t-shirts, posters and stickers.
in addition we have in our repertoire murals, screen-printings,
illustrations of all kind and any visual enhancement of our environment.
angry_koala's aim is to "open viewers' eyes with art pieces that
makes them laugh and think.“

angry_koala in the wild (street-art in public space, 2006 - today)
angry_koala on paper (book, 2014)

exhibitions / live-paintingz:
"elb:art 2018" Boizenburg, August 2018
"Yard 5 Open Lab" Berlin, July 2018
"Urban Up" Leipzig, July 2018
"Millerntor Gallery #8" Hamburg, July 2018
"Fusion Festival" Lärz, June + July 2018
"Fair Friday 2018" Boizenburg, April 2018
"Lange Nacht der Museen" Hamburg, April 2018
"Teufelsberg reloaded" Zurich, January 2018
"Street Art School Group Show" Hamburg, December 2017
"Urban Wild Life Group Show" Hamburg, December 2017
"angry_koala x HKDNS x Eindruck" Hamburg, September - December 2017
"Stilbruch" Berlin, September 2017
"elb:art 2017" Boizenburg, August 2017
"Berlin klebt" Berlin, July 2017
"Fair Friday 2017" Boizenburg, April 2017
"Berlin Graphic Days" Berlin, July 2016
"your_brain_goes_baaam!" Hamburg, November + December 2015
"TASTE - Festival der Künste" Hamburg, August 2015
"ART...ESSENZ" Berlin, July 2015
"B.AGL" Berlin, April 2015
"VisonActionChange" Hamburg, November 2010
"Kunst auf dem Hansaplatz" Hamburg, September 2009
"Bewegung gegen Bewegung" Hamburg, October 2007
"Gewalt - und weiter ..." Bad Oldesloe, August 2006
"Ultrahocherhitzt" Hamburg, July 2006


angry_koala = art 4 everybody - affordable and unique

deutsche version

this is PMAA - positive mental attitude art.
it's all in the remix: illustration meets painting meets
street-art meets comic meets graphic-design meets handmade.
analog and digital.

our small as well as large scale pictures provide a
tongue-in-cheek look on social trends, throw new light
on things and tackle cultural issues.
we cram ornamental structures full with little animals
called papplaz, abstract characters and life.
this creates mesmerizing patterns and imagery
where you constantly keep finding something new.

our "happy_miniz" (colourful and funny canvas 18x24cm)
make it easy to get in contact with art. No high-price stuff,
but art you can afford. Instead of hanging up the
next IKEA-print, this series makes it possible to get your own
unique artwork. they just cost 33,- euro.

angry_koala paintz like mad and you can support us.
love, peace and harmony - keep it real!

*koalarizzle 4 life*