angry_koala wedding wall 01angry_koala wedding wall 02angry_koala wedding wall 03angry_koala wedding wall 04angry_koala wedding wall 05angry_koala wedding wall 06angry_koala wedding wall 07angry_koala wedding wall 08angry_koala wedding wall 09angry_koala wedding wall 10angry_koala wedding wall 11angry_koala wedding wall 12angry_koala wedding wall 13angry_koala wedding wall 14angry_koala wedding wall 15angry_koala wedding wall 16

20 meters pure angry_koala style in berlin city.
the wicked_wedding_wall 4 my bro! love + peace*

angry_koala corner style

angry_koala area tasteangry_koala - mount_bitchmore tasteangry_koala - pirates_of_da_koalabean tasteangry_koala - angry_printz tasteangry_koala - canvas corner again tasteangry_koala - muh_muhtany_on_a_bounty tasteangry_koala - happy_miniz 01 tasteangry_koala - happy_miniz 02 tasteangry_koala - hanging papplaz tasteangry_koala - pink pappla tasteangry_koala sign tasteangry_koala_chill out chair tasteangry_koala - table topview tasteangry_koala table taste

industrial flavour: angry_koala corner at taste festival 2015 in hamburg.
THX 4 all da support. stay happy!


angry_koala - sticker soundangry_koala - sticker party tonneangry_koala - sticker yeah postbahnhof berlinangry_koala - sticker cute bitchasangry_koala - sticker danke riverangry_koala - sticker fly highangry_koala - sticker lightangry_koala - sticker love nightangry_koala - sticker love rohrangry_koala - sticker love trashedangry_koala - sticker namaste postbahnhof berlinangry_koala - sticker nett sein postbahnhof berlinangry_koala - sticker respect street ballangry_koala - sticker supa powerangry_koala - sticker superangry_koala - sticker sweet plakatangry_koala - sticker walk sloangry_koala - angry stickerz collection

sound, party, yeah ... here we go again.
pimping your city with positive mental attitude art!


angry_koala - pappla sticker rock onangry_koala - pappla emergencyangry_koala - pappla double troubleangry_koala - pappla door

the world isn't just black and white ... these papplaz are!
keep on rocking angry_koala style.