angry_koala exhibition deluxe

angry_koala your_brain_goes_baaam exhibition

WTF to OMG - THX to all friendz, supporterz and visitorz!
*some pix, if you missed it ...*


angry_koala - your brain goes baaam

our exhibition in hamburg. runtime: 12/11 - 06/12/2015. vernissage: 12/11/2015 - 19.00
*all infos: angry_koala x die herren simpel*

angry_koala x on the run

angry_koala - on the run marker_knowledge

crazy ... what's up in that marker? oldschool blackbook_stylez 4 graffitiboxshop berlin.
it iz battle-time: please, vote 4 our funky sketch on fb!


angry_koala - wicked wedding wall

cowabunga! berlin again ... a small wedding present à la angry_koala.
i want 2 see more pix!


angry_koala canvas corner taste festival 2015

hamburg rocks. super-dope event with a lot of people and support.
big up + koalarizzle 4 life!

angry_koala x taste festival hamburg

angry_koala taste festival hamburg 2015

support your local artist. angry_koala in hamburg from 15/08 - 16/08/2015
*check out fresh art in altona*


angry_koala papplaz vida loca 02angry_koala papplaz vida_loca 01

¿qué pasa? angry_koala loco latino style. four hypnotic paintings on canvas.
¡ay, caramba aqui!


get hypnotized by the magic mexican_mash_up video:
angry_koala painting the papplaz_vida_loca series.

hanging like a koala

angry_koala x art essenz wal 2015

baaaam! the funky angry_koala wall at the art...essenz 2015.
thx everybody! we had an awesome time.

angry_koala x art...essenz berlin 2015

angry_koala art essenz 2015
power pappla art! angry_koala in berlin from 31/07 - 02/08/2015
*live and 4 real at the sony center potsdamer platz*


angry_koala - pink pappla power

hometown hero ... visiting werther city in summer.


angry_koala - sticker whaz up

whaz up?! say hello to angry_koala in the wild ...
*watch out 4 more*


angry_koala - angry stickerz collection again

angry_koala producing some new stickerz.
ready to go outside. meet them in your city …

skating with style

angry_koala - pappla skateboard power

angry_koala hits the deck. thx + ride on!
meet some more new papplaz in da hood.

power proof of concept

angry_koala table in berlin art goes live

some pix from our angry_koala cave at "berlin. art goes live"
*more dope details!*

angry_koala x berlin. art goes live

angry koala at berlin. art goes live

angry_koala representing funky art from 30/04 - 03/05/2015
kicking the fresh stuff at postbahnhof berlin. come and visit us there!

angry_koala action painting

painting happy_miniz 2 a funky beat ... this iz how we do it.
check out the otherz!

gif it 2 me

angry_koala - angry miniz gif lightangry_koala - angry miniz gif fiestaangry_koala - angry miniz gif love

angry_koala art makes you feel good. anti-expensive and supa funky!
*happy_miniz - art 4 sale*


angry_koala - pappla funky ghetto blasta

feeling the flow & pumping 2 the beat.
*pappla partytime*


angry_koala - papplinho doggy dog house

somewhere in the hood … papplaz aka angry_koala art-toyz.
made of papier-mâché, a bit of modeling clay and wood. coloured with acrylic paint and markerz.